Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Kiana is doing well. She has now finished 2nd grade and is moving on to 3rd grade. She loved her teachers this year and they adored her too.  This year was quite eventful for her. Over spring break she broke her leg so she was unable to participate in PE or play during recess untilthe last week of school. Next year is going to be a big change for kiana as her favorite teacher is leaving. Hopefully her replacement will be almost as good. Kiana loves singing and may join the schoil chorus next year.  She also loves to swim and will hopefully be starting swim lessons soon.  Kiana also says that she wants to play lacrosse when she gets bigger.  Kiana still has a short temper especially if things don't work the way she wants them too. Sometimes she is super difficult for me to handle, but I love her more than anything and wouldn't trade her for the world. I just wish I could see things they way she does. I wish I knew how I could help her to have the best life possible and to be the happiest she can be.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Monkey Update

Kiana is now in 2nd grade and is doing well so far. She loves that her teachers from last year are also with her this year.  We finally got the results from her genetics testing and everything came back normal. She has started seeing a behavioral therapist as well as a physical therapist as well. She still loves everything Frozen and Annie. She loves to sing the songs all the time and aggravates her sister while doing it. Kiana loves going to see her "play" doctor(physical therapy) as well as her behavioral therapist.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

quick update

      Kiana is doing well. She had an appointment with a geneticist a few weeks ago and so we are waiting on the results from the DNA test that they took. She also has an appointment with the developmental pediatrician finally. Kiana starts 2nd grade in a few weeks.

           This summer we spent a lot of time at Six Flags. Kiana loved going on rides and swimming in the pool. She also loves riding the water roller coaster.

waiting in line for the cyclone.
waiting in line

riding the airplanes.
Riding the Airplanes


Saturday, July 4, 2015


     Monkey is doing great. We have been working a lot on her school work over the summer to try and catch her up a little bit. In two weeks she meets with a genetics doctor.  Maybe it will give us some answers to what is going on with her but I have my reservations. She really likes working on school work and loves anything school related. I'm really hoping that she gets a teacher that is as good as the one she had last year when school starts back up again. She still talks about her first grade teachers all the time. So far this summer she has started making a counting book from 1-100 and a book of numbers that add up to 10. 

Some of her work from this summer.

We have also been reading everynight before she goes to bed. so far we have read Charlottes web, Stuart little, and the trumpet of the swan. 

Thursday, May 28, 2015


Monkey is doing great. She met with the Orthopedist a few days ago and she said that as long as they aren't causing her any pain that they aren't going to do anything. They did give us an order form for some device to put in her shoe that would hold the problem toe in place, but due to her sensory processing disorder and her dislike of anything touching her feet I don't know if it will happen, but its worth a try. In July we meet with the geneticist to see what is going on there an see if she has any genetic abnormalities. She also needs to meet with a developmental pediatrician, but we have been having issues getting an appointment with him. She also met with her Neurologist due to her frequent headaches, she basically said for her to get lots of sleep and drink lot of water and to email her if it doesn't help.  Monkey Loves her teachers this year. Her one teacher had cancer last year so this year she has had to miss work due to doctor appointments and every time she's not there kiana gets upset and says that she's not going to school until she comes back. With Kiana we have discovered that we have to keep to an extremely strict schedule and if we go off the schedule even the slightest little bit we have a very irate 7 year old. Monkey also loves six flags and asks everyday if its the day we get to go. For the most part Monkey is a sweet and loving girl. She is the most loving person in this house and is such a joy to have around(most of the time).

this is the device that they expect my child
with sensory issues
to where.

Sunday, May 3, 2015


It has been along time sine I've posted an update for monkey. Monkey is now 7 and in first grade. She loves her teachers and has a couple of friends. She is still having some health issues. She tires very easily and gets bloody noses almost daily. She is also having issues with her feet and meets with a orthopedic doctor this month. In a few months she will also be meeting with a geneticist to see if there are any genetic problems going on.  Monkey loves to learn and play outside. She is very glad that her teacher is back, but sad she won't be there on Monday. I'm so glad that she is close to her teachers this year and that her teachers love her as much as they do.

Saturday, November 29, 2014


Kiana is now in 1st grade. She loves her teachers and even has a few friends. Kiana also started girl scouts this year and loves being in daisy's. She is a very picky eater and only wants pizza, chicken nuggets or ABC soup. Kiana loves minnie mouse, frozen, and Sofia the first. She also loves playing on the iPad and with her dollhouse. Kiana likes school, but she really struggles with learning everything that she needs to learn. She as l so still prefers to be by herself. Kiana has now lost three baby teeth.